Take new heart, while self-publishing your book will be a technical process, you do not need to an an academic or a HTML programmer. I’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to. By the time you turn the final page of the #GirlLikeYou manual (available from amazon in eBook and paperback) you will be able to say, “I did it. You can too!”

Screenshot of #GirlLikeYou ebook and paperback that is now available to buy at amazon

==> The #GirlLikeYou manual contains 300+ colour pictures and enables you to self-publish within *one week* …

Screenshot of amazon's Look Inside! feature, showing #GirlLikeYou book

Chapter contents within #GirlLikeYou manual

  1. The right computer software
  2. Prepare your manuscript in Mircosoft Word
  3. Design your eBook cover
  4. Format your paperback interior
  5. Save your paperback interior to a press-ready file
  6. Go sign up with a distributor
  7. Request your paperback cover template
  8. Create your paperback cover
  9. Format your eBook interior using a HTML editor
  10. Convert your eBook to ePub via Calibre
  11. Upload your paperback and eBook to distributors
  12. Your notes (this section only in the paperback edition)

Memorida: At the beginning of each formatting chapter is a quote-of-encouragement, and at the end is a blog-of-interest from zizziology.com; followed by 1 of the 12 commandments of an authorpreneur